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Department of Materials Science & Engineering
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Welcome to MSE
Department of Materials Science & Engineering at Jimma University is an exceptionally research-oriented academic department with a fully international environment. The Department aims to become most advanced one in Africa in the forthcoming years.

As a role model for center of excellent in materials research, our main focus is on world-class research empowered by international collaborations. 
Moving to New Campus
A world class department needs a world class campus too. We are happy to announce that Department of Materials Science & Engineering is transferring to the new campus of Jimma University. Kito campus is devoted to engineering departments and completely surrounded with forest. The start-of-art modem building provides appropriate physical spaces for research labs. In addition, modern classrooms can assist in enhancing the quality of education.

The transfer is expected during December and January. During this period, the Department activities are mostly postponed, and we expect to arrange official inauguration (with international guests) by the end of January 2014.
Letter from the Chair
It was not easy and ordinary, as we aimed to establish a completely different department in a strategic discipline. The Department has found its way now, and soon it will become a pioneer at global level.

Our two main themes were (i) focusing on cutting-edge research, and (ii) committing to international collaborations. I always welcome academics from around the globe to join us in different ways.

Please browse the website and feel free to discuss with me any idea you may have.

Professor Ali Eftekhari
Founding Chair
According to our commitment to research-oriented model of academic program, we have several open position for postdoctoral fellows.

With excellent recruitment benefits and participation in world-class research groups in a totally international environments, these positions are ideal for those who wish to continue their career exceptionally in academia.
Undergraduate Program
Department of Materials Science & Engineering at Jimma University offers the most comprehensive undergraduate program in the country.

Following the university general policy of Community-Based Education, this unique undergraduate program is focused on addressing local needs, while preparing the students for cutting-edge research at graduate level.
Graduate Programs
Owing to the research-oriented model of the department, we offer graduate programs at MSc and PhD levels in various areas of materials science & engineering through our world-class cutting-edge research scheme. All graduate students are involved in advanced research leading to publication in leading scholarly journals.
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