Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Letter from the Chair

It is my great pleasure to welcome to the Department of Materials & Materials Science at Jimma University. This is a brand new department established based on a research-oriented scheme inspired by the American higher education system. The establishment is by an international collaboration between Jimma University and National Institute of Arts & Sciences.

We are doing our best to create a role model not only within Ethiopia but also across Africa. Our ultimate goal is to prove that we creative way of thinking, it is possible to establish a world-class academic department anywhere.

I hope that your visit to our web page is informative whether you are simply browsing to learn more about us or whether you are interested in our degree programs, our areas of research expertise or our excellent facilities. Obviously, the website is under heavy development, as the department is. Thus, new materials will be added on a daily basis. Please keep visiting the department website for new updates and information.

Ali Eftekhari
Founding Chair
Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Jimma University
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