Department of Materials Science & Engineering

About the Department

Department of Materials Science & Engineering was established with a start-up budget of USD 10 million by by Professor Ali Eftekhari, the President of the American Nano Society. As national role model for research-oriented department, the department is mainly focused on cutting-edge research in the realms of nanomaterials.

The department has a completely international atmosphere with active postdoc researchers, and lots of research collaborations with other universities (mostly in the US and EU).

Since Ethiopia is under heavy development, materials play a critical role for sustainable development. Unfortunately, this important academic discipline was long neglected int he Ethiopia higher education system. There are a few programs considering materials science at some Ethiopia universities, but all of them are small departments with partial commitment to this field.

Department of Materials Science & Engineering at Jimma University is the first department in the entire country comprehensively covering the discipline. In addition, the department is one of the few (among all disciplines) that is strongly committed to cutting-edge research.

The department has over 40 collaborations with research groups in the US and EU.

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