Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be a vibrant, supportive community of materials scientists and engineers developing fundamental understanding, enabling advanced technologies, and providing world leadership through education and innovative research.

Our mission is to:

Create a stimulating and nurturing educational environment broadly preparing students at all levels for successful careers;

Advance a fundamental understanding of materials properties, processing and applications by performing leading edge, world class research in collaboration with industry and academic leaders;

Engage in collaborative research efforts with corporate and academic partners worldwide;

Train the most highly valued materials science and engineering students in the nation;

Address local needs through the substantial role of materials science in national development process;

Promote a greater understanding of the role of materials science in society; and

Actively participate in national and international professional societies.
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Department of Materials Science & Engineering follows a special research policy....
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It is my great pleasure to welcome to the Department of Materials & Materials Science at Jimma Univ...
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