Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Biography of the Department Chair

Professor Ali Eftekhari, Director of the National Institute of Arts & Sciences, and President of the American Nano Society, is the Founding Chair of the Department of Materials Science & Engineering. 

He started to study chemistry at age 8, and attended university courses at Sharif University of Technology (one of the world's top universities) by 15. He conducted his first independent research at age 15, and its results were later published in a leading scholarly journal.

His research interests cover a broad range of topics in the realms of materials science, chemistry, and physics. He has authors over 100 research articles in leading scholarly journals, and edited several books in groundbreaking topics. He also severed several journals as an editor and over 40 journals as a constant referee.

Following several administrative responsibilities, he also conducts research in higher education, as he is a strong critic of the traditional education systems.

He is also a computer scientist who developed two academic Operating Systems (based on linux kernel), a server architecture, a multi-functional system for creating highly secured websites, and a few software programs for different applications such as data analysis, lecture presentations, etc.
He has delivered over 200 presentations at international conferences and meetings....
Research Interests
His research interests cover a broad range across materials science, renewable energy, electrochemi...
He is the main author (first and corresponding) of over 100 research articles in leading journals....
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