Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Doctoral Program

The PhD program at Department of Materials Science & Engineering has three major components: coursework, research, and professional development. As a PhD student, you will undertake graduate level coursework to achieve a greater depth of understanding in the foundations of materials science including thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and solid state physics.

You will begin graduate research shortly after joining a research group in the fall quarter. You will propose an independent research project leading to a PhD by the fall of your third year (second year for students with prior MS degree). The defining experience of the PhD program is the completion of a dissertation that describes groundbreaking work in your field of study.

The third essential component of the PhD is professional development. You will develop as a teacher, mentor, and researcher by serving as a teaching assistant for at least two courses. You will network with fellow students by participating in numerous professional society student chapters, many of which are led by MSE students.

There are four PhD programs in the Department

PhD in Materials Science & Engineering (annual capacity: 5 students)

PhD in Polymer Engineering (annual capacity: 5 students)

PhD in Metallurgical Engineering (annual capacity: 5 students)

PhD in Ceramic Engineering (annual capacity: 5 students)

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