Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Postdoctoral Associate - Electrochemistry

Department of Materials Science & Engineering is a national role model for research-oriented department, established with a start-up budget of USD 10 million with a focus on nanomaterials. Electrochemistry is the heart of the department, which is supervised by Professor Ali Eftekhari, President of the American Nano Society, and Founding Chair of the Department.

The main theme of the department research is electrochemical materials science, and we work on various electroactive nanomaterials; though there are research in other areas of electrochemistry too.

Our projects are in collaboration with other research groups in the US and EU. Depending on the projects, our researchers may visit our partner groups in the United States and Europe.

NOTE: We are looking for ambitious talents who want to use this position as a jump in their academic career. If you are looking for a routine job, DO NOT apply. Please describe in your cover letter that what is your vision about your future career, and how the present position can help you in this direction. What do you expect to achieve by this position?


✅ A PhD in materials science & engineering, chemistry or closely related disciplines
✅ Background in research topics in the realms of electrochemistry
✅ Experience in advanced materials characterization in highly appreciated
✅ Excellent experience in using electrochemical instruments
✅ Excellent knowledge of various electrochemical techniques
✅ Good skills in synthesis and chemistry lab
✅ Excellent writing and communication skills

Features and Benefits

☑ Tax-free salary in the range of $25,000 - $40,000.
☑ Home allowance.
☑ Covering required flights.
☑ Department of Materials Science & Engineering has an international atmosphere with faculty members from various countries.
☑ The project is totally international with strong network with leading research groups in various countries (our team members can find other positions in the course of joint projects).
☑ Jimma University is the nationally first-ranked university with over 40,000 students and 3,000 staff.
☑ The official language of education in Ethiopia is English from high school.
☑ The university has its own farm and dairy and provide fresh natural products to staff.

Criteria of Selection

➠ The main criterion of selection is the motivation and passion for cutting-edge research. We are generally interested in applicants who wish to work in a leading research group as a transition to continue their scientific career in top universities, rather than applicants who look for routine jobs in their scientific career.
➠ Our strategy is result-oriented research with tangible progress of projects in planned direction.
➠ Candidates must be committed to team work, and follow planned duties precisely.
➠ Candidate's attitude to be supervised in direction of the group missions.

Steps of Application

➊ Applications should be submitted online via DO NOT submit applications by email, as the process is through our online system.
➋ Applications will be immediately reviewed to examine basic criteria of selection. Shortlisted candidates will be normally notified within a week after submission.
➌ Approved candidates (shortlisted) will be asked to provide the names of at least three references to submit letter of recommendation.
➍ All shortlisted candidates will be reviewed (along with their letters of recommendation), and the successful candidate will be selected. 

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