Department of Materials Science & Engineering

What do materials scientists and engineers do?

All engineered products – from airplanes to musical instruments, alternative energy sources to ecologically-friendly manufacturing processes, medical devices to artificial tissues, computer chips to data storage media, and many more – are made from materials. Today’s materials scientists and engineers change and improve these. In fact, new and altered materials are often at the heart of product innovation in highly diverse applications. Materials scientists work in all industries as well as in academia and research institutions on a wide range of life-improving endeavors.

In our work, we strive to understand and manipulate the molecular structure of materials, since the arrangement of atoms and molecules is what creates their mechanical, electrical, optical, magnetic, and chemical properties. One of the newest technologies available to us is nanotechnology, which enables us to tailor the structure of materials at billionth-of-a-meter scale.
What is it like to study MSE?
We study the relationships among structure, properties, synthesis, and performance of materials. ...
Discovering MSE
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What is MSE?
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